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When commenting on any of MintBlogger's posts, please be polite and respectful towards the blogger and fellow commentators. Here are few guidelines you need to follow, not only to get your comment posted on the blog, but to become a better overall blog commentator as well.

1. Be respectful. Don’t use fowl language, when commenting and show some respect for the blog, blogger and fellow readers. You may find an article that may upset your nerves to a certain degree. You can certainly respond and speak out your mind about the subject and politely criticize the post, in a creative fashion, but don’t start any flame wars with the blogger or fellow commentators or you’ll get your comment deleted. If you’re provoked by another commentator, don’t respond, I’ll make sure I deal with him. Just be courteous and you’ll have the most fulfilling experience commenting on MintBlogger.

2. Comments like "hey dude! great article" or "thanks buddy" will not be tolerated. Please add value to your comments and contribute to the discussions or else you’ll just be labeled as a spammer and of course in term you’ll get your comment deleted.

3. Be on topic. Don’t rant and talk about "rice shortage in Somalia" when the subject at hand is about "social media marketing". It’s true many things are connected, but please keep it at its limits.

4. Use your real name or pseudonym. Don’t post comments with a keyword or fake name. You can also comment with a blog’s title as long as you own it.

5. Be careful when linking. Link only to related articles in the comment field. Do not link back to your blog at the end of your comment, as a signature. Do so and I’ll be forced to delete the link. You already have a link back to your blog’s URL when you complete the URL field.

If you don’t follow these simple guidelines, you may risk getting your comment deleted. If you repetitively and regularly break these rules, then you risk getting banned from the blog.


About Rajeev Edmonds

MintBlogger author - Rajeev EdmondsRajeev Edmonds has been blogging since 2006 about digital marketing, social media and of course about problogging. He specializes in WordPress installation and Thesis theme customization. He is the founder and editor of MintBlogger where he blogs about new media strategies.

Since April, 2012, he's making his living entirely from his blogging efforts. He holds a post graduate degree in computer applications and loves to dig in CSS/HTML code. Read more →

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