Debunking 'Great Content Markets Itself' Myth

Foolscap and pen sketchIf you've just started blogging, chances are you may not agree with the post title. After all, a good product almost always attracts consumers.

Isn't it so?

Think once again! What's missing in your hypothesis in this context?

Here I'm addressing those web publishers who've just started blogging and have literally no or limited presence on the web. Even if you're churning out exceptional content right from day one, it won't pull audience on its own.

Couldn't digest this fact?

Don't worry, you're not alone who find it difficult to swallow this reality. Let's try to understand why killer content alone may not crack the ice on a new blog. Instead of going in the technical details, we will try to understand the general philosophy behind this pattern. It's not just the content, but much more is required to boost the reach and traffic of a new blog. Read on...

Existence - I Don't Even Know Your Blog Exist!

When I started blogging back in 2008 (newbie), I opened several niche blogs and spent great deal of time in writing long form content in hope to attract tons of visitors. After four months of consistent posting schedule, the result was disheartening.

Despite writing detailed posts pepped up with helpful illustrations, I was not able to get the number of readers I anticipated earlier. This triggered several questions in my mind.
  • Am I publishing rotten content?
  • Why my great content isn't getting any attention?
  • Are my posts getting indexed correctly?
  • What's holding influx of traffic?
  • and many more...
The answer to all these questions was simple and straightforward. Since all these blogs were new with almost negligible presence on search engines as well as on social media platforms, majority of my target audience didn't even knew about their existence.

In other words, I was trying to sell mangoes on a desert highway with almost nil traffic.

So, what do we learn from this?

Whenever you launch a new product and the business itself is a new player in the market, connecting with already established channels where your customers flock, matters the most.

Instead of waiting for search engines to rank your exceptional content on the first page for the most competitive keywords, it's always better to preemptively seed your content at the right places to get the ball rolling.

Confused? Keep reading.

Content Seeding - Addressing Invisibility Of A New Blog

So, let's try to understand what the term 'Content Seeding' means in this context. To decipher this phrase, I'll ask you to read a tweet by Brain Chappell shown below.
This tweet presents the crux of content seeding when it comes to professional web publishing.

To rephrase it, content seeding is simply an exercise to plant, inject and spread the content among the target audience where it is found in abundance and is accessible through different means.

For example, triggering a conversation with an A-list blogger on Twitter with massive following can be a starting point of content seeding. Since he already has the audience, all you have to do is to engage with this blogger and intelligently inject the relevant link of your content within the conversation.

He may discuss about it in his next post or may retweet it to his followers bringing the required influx of traffic for you. Another example is directly emailing an A-list blogger discussing one of his old posts and how you've carved out a different perspective on the same subject in one of your fresh posts.

There are high chances, he may discuss about your article on social media or may critique your new post in one of his newest articles. This will ensure his subscribers and followers come to know about your blog.

You can create your own intuitive ways to leverage the reach of established players for gaining more visibility for your new blog.

Once people start recognizing your new blog and the exceptional content published on it, you only have to capitalize on it. Turn them into returning visitors and start building an email list.

[Marketing/Content Creation] - Follow 80/20 Rule

Now that you have a fair idea what content seeding is all about, it's time to change how you manage your great content. Most newbies spend great deal of time in writing content trying diligently to keep up with their posting schedule.

Sooner or later they give up due to writer's block.

Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself to churn out remarkable content everyday, focus on marketing and promotion of your existing archives. A universal 80/20 rule can be easily applied here.

Spend 80% of your time in promoting your content and the rest in creating it.

So that wraps up this rant. There are three takeaways from this post.
  • Great content doesn't guarantee success of a new blog.
  • Content seeding is a prime tool in newbie's arsenal.
  • Content marketing & promotion is more vital than content creation.
Have something to add? Let's discuss it in the comments below.

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