Does Your Blog Need a Responsive Design?

Responsive layout illustrationLately, I've seen lot of websites and blogs migrating to a responsive design from their good old fixed width template.

Every time a blogger thinks about getting a responsive design, several questions are aroused in his mind related to design switch.

One of the most obvious and pressing question is whether one should migrate to a responsive design or not. This generally spawns several other tertiary queries about implications of the design change. Unless, one does not get satisfactory answers to these questions, switching to a responsive design is deferred.

Are you facing a similar situation?

Let's try to find out, when and why a niche or a business blog should consider switching to a responsive layout. You can easily find some folks on the web advocating about switching to a responsive design at any cost.

But, blindingly investing in a responsive template is certainly not a wise move. The cost incurred is not the only factor that affects your blog's future, but there are several other variable factors that contribute in making a design change - a success or a failure.

We're going to see what these factors are and how they affect your decision to switch to a responsive design.

Does Your Niche Inherently Attract Mobile Traffic?

Believe it or not, some niches or blog topics are known to pull massive amounts of mobile traffic. Such blogs are natural candidates for hosting a responsive design. If that's the case with your blog, you must not delay getting a responsive design to tap the leads and prospects coming via smartphones and tablets.

Quite naturally, blogs which post reviews of mobile apps gets large amount of traffic from tablet and smartphone devices. Similarly, other niches like weather, weight loss and software reviews are well known to receive massive amount of mobile traffic.

Smart bloggers preemptively research about this important factor and accordingly design their responsive template.

Desktop v Mobile Traffic Ratio - Have You Analyzed It?

The second important factor that can help you take a decision for migrating to a responsive design is your current desktop versus mobile traffic ratio. Open up your analytics dashboard and head over to the traffic sources section.

Nowadays almost every modern web analytics system provides the data about the percentage of traffic coming from different devices. If you current mobile traffic is exceeding 25% of the overall traffic, you must consider switching to a responsive design.

For some niches like affiliate marketing of mobile products, design switch can be triggered as soon as the mobile traffic exceeds 20% of the overall traffic.

Are You Unable To Leverage High CPC Mobile Ads Inventory?

This is yet another vital factor for niche blogs to consider switching to a responsive layout. Mobile ads are known to have very high CPC and if your blog's niche has tons of advertisers targeting the mobile users, you must get a responsive layout to get the best results from these ads.

Responsive layout will help you embed these mobile optimized ads at the prime locations to get the maximum attention of the traffic. The end result is massive increase in the revenue which is not possible through a regular fixed width layout.

You must do the research about the available inventory of mobile ads for your niche. If you have ample options through various advertising networks, you must go ahead with a responsive design without any delay.

Do Users' Report Problems With Your Template on Mobile?

If you regularly get emails from visitors about horrible browsing experience on their mobile devices, it's high time you switch to an optimized responsive design.

Occasional complaints of the same can be ignored, but, if you're consistently getting negative feedback about it, invest in a good responsive design to prevent any further damage. Ignoring this factor can cost you returning as well as new visitors which are so vital for the growth of any blog.

What Else?

Now that I've listed some of the important factors that can be taken into consideration while opting for a responsive design, it's time to share your experience about the same. Do you run a responsive template on your blog? If yes, what factors you considered before going ahead for a responsive design?

If you have more to add to some of the factors listed here, do share your experience with us.

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