2 Insanely Easy Ways to Get More Subscribers, or Readers (with Low Traffic and Visibility)

Value proposition billboardA lot has been said about ways to get traffic that actually reads your blog or subscribe to it.

But, have you managed to get READERS through countless blogging methodologies found all across the web? I'm talking about conversions, NOT raw traffic!

One of the biggest challenges for most of us is to convert the incoming traffic.


One of the common or prevalent strategies that a blogger may tell you is to come up with exceptional content combined with aggressive marketing of the same. There's nothing wrong with this strategy.

But, the content alone is not going to convert majority of prospects. Not convinced?

I'll show you how businesses and smart internet marketers manage to generate massive amount of sales by following - two simple steps. You don't need to be an expert internet marketer to apply this methodology.

There has to be something that clicks in the mind of an average visitor triggering the subscription process. You just need to find out, what makes your visitors' stay longer on your blog?

It's all about identifying the most pressing needs of your audience.

What after that?

Create a Strong & Unique Value Proposition

What the heck is that?

In blogging context, it's the benefits or value a subscriber or reader WILL GET if he signs up for a newsletter or a blog feed. Some bloggers loosely compare it with a dangling carrot on a stick for the potential subscribers.

But, this comparison is totally wrong.

Value proposition is not about hanging a freebie for gaining a subscription. It has more to do with long term benefits of the subscriber.

In simple words, you're going to promise some key (practical and quantifiable) benefits, a prospect gets once he is on your list.

So let's see some of the basic ingredients that are needed to prepare a killer value proposition. No matter what you blog about, the recipe of creating an alluring value proposition remains more or less, the same.

Here I must warn you against promising stuff you really can't deliver.

Broadly, a typical value proposition consists of the following two parts.
  • Primary benefit - That's the driving force of the entire conversion wheel running through carefully crafted offers. You must define the biggest benefit a subscriber will get, once he starts following your blog.
  • Associated benefits - Every big prize or bonus almost always brings numerous other benefits at a smaller scale. That's what you need to tabulate in front of the prospect.
Is that all you need to take care of while scribbling details of a value proposition for your inbound traffic?

The answer is a big NO!

So, what else is left? We have all kinds of benefits for the subscriber. Isn't it sufficient to convert a visitor?

The benefit alone doesn't bring you subscribers because that's what your competition is also offering. So what's the key to come up with a highly converting value proposition?

You must also take care of the following things while creating an irresistible offer for your audience. Benefits are definitely the foundation, but you need to pimp them up with the right kind of ingredients which are as follows.
  • Unique - How different is your offer plays a big role in coming up with an irresistible value proposition. When I talk about uniqueness, it doesn't mean to be absolutely different from your entire competition. The trick is to craft such an offer that reflects its uniqueness in the mind of the prospect at any given time.
  • Quantifiable - The most common mistake bloggers do while creating a value proposition is to talk about benefits that cannot be measured in an easy way. Work on this aspect and come up with a clearly defined list of benefits that can be quantified at a glance.
  • Relevant - Some of you may say that it's obvious to come up with a relevant offer, but unfortunately I've seen a fitness blog offering premium image editing software to its potential subscribers. I don't think I need to stress much on this point.
  • Easy-to-understand - No matter how relevant, unique and quantifiable are the benefits offered through your value proposition, unless you do not make it damn easy to interpret the entire offer, you're not going to get any positive results.
There are some critical DONT's that must be kept in mind while creating a value proposition.

It's NOT a kind of advertising channel where you're shouting slogans or statements hard selling your products. It's a direct conversation with the prospects where you're talking about real benefits in an easy-to-understand language.

It's also NOT about bashing your competition.

With these things in mind, let's move on to the next step of giving shape to the value proposition which is on the paper.

Present And Make It Damn Obvious!

Now comes the most important part of presenting your irresistible offer to your potential subscribers in a correct way.

We'll see some practical examples of "Value Propositions" which are used successfully by businesses across the world. This will help you in the design process to come up with an effective copy, that'll really convert.

First, let's try to understand the anatomy of a typical value proposition.

It consists of a primary headline, sub-headlines (optional), small persuasive paragraph, bullet list of benefits, relevant image and a strong call-to-action.

It may also include comparative analysis against your competition.

The key here is to present your offer in such a way that a prospect grasps it within few seconds.

The more time he spends in trying to understand the value proposition, the more is the probability of a failed conversion.

So, here are some of the real life examples of killer value propositions. Pay attention both on content and the presentation.

Example #1: Social Triggers
SocialTriggers home page opt-in box

It's a classic example of an excellent value proposition.

Here's the dissection of all the major parts.
  • A bold headline triggering 'Curiosity' emotion.
  • The next line shows what's unique - 'Use of psychology to build online business'.
  • It's followed by clearly defined benefits.
  • You can also see a highly relevant image.
  • There are two strong call-to-actions within the entire layout.
What are the key takeaways from this example?

First, contrary to the popular belief, you don't need a fancy graphic-intensive layout for presenting your value proposition.

Second, igniting prospects' emotions WORKS and works very well! (Use of psychology in action)

Third, following the KISS principle works here as well.

Now, let's move on to the next example.

Example #2: Conversion Love
Conversion love home page opt in box

This is yet another powerful value proposition example.

Once can easily dissect all of its major sections.
  • The primary headline summarizes the biggest benefit.
  • The line right below it tells broadly how (uncovering visitors' intentions) the benefit is materialized.
  • The image clearly indicates conversion funnel optimization.
  • The bullet list tabulates all the benefits in a clear and concise way.
  • The sign up section has been intelligently populated with 3 strong call-to actions.
Can you find out the key takeaways from this example?

I leave this as an exercise for you. You can share your findings in the comment below.

Are You Ready...?

Now that you know what two steps need to be followed to get loads of subscribers, it's time to replicate this process on your blog.

Research and find out the best value proposition you can craft for you blog. If you can come up with multiple versions, that will be an added advantage.

Share it here in the comments below and I'll be giving feedback for all the interesting and sincere entries to KICK START your conversion process.

Image Credit: rafizeldi

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