10 Content Marketing Options for Professional Bloggers

Content marketing is a broader term used by businesses, marketers and professionals to help connect with their customers to promote and sell their products and services. New media has added more sparks to the content marketing dimensions giving more options to market, promote and connect with our potential customers. Professionals and business bloggers have ample options for using various content marketing techniques to build their business. We're going to take a look at some of the most popular content marketing methodologies that'll give you enough flexibility to try different channels for promoting your products or services in an effective way.


This is obviously one of the most common methods of reaching your audience and prospects. You can not only produce general consumer-oriented articles for your own blog, but can also find other platforms to share useful information for expanding your presence and reach.

In fact, this is the foundation of content marketing strategy for every business blog. All other supplementary content marketing channels rely heavily on this primary technique. Unless you're not providing killer articles on your own blog, no amount of tertiary marketing activities are going to give any kind of benefit to your business.

While creating articles for your blog, diversify the content and come up with useful how-to tutorials and list posts to build the foundation on which you can exercise other options available at your disposal.


It is one of the powerful ways to promote and generate business in quick time. Fortunately, creating eBooks is not that hard and you only need to know the bare minimum ingredients needed to create a killer copy that attracts more leads and prospects. There are two broad ways to use this powerful medium to grow your business. First methodology is to create a free eBook for pulling leads for your conversion funnel. The second method is to come up with a low-priced eBook to generate direct sales as well as to pull leads for your services.

The latter method is obviously bit tougher than the former, but there's no harm testing both of them on your blog. If you're running a service-oriented blog, I'll highly recommend creating an eBook for your subscribers. It's effective and is one of the easiest ways to bait your readers.


Various studies have suggested that audience for video content is growing at an exponential rate both for desktop and mobile platforms. Several popular bloggers rely completely on video content to pull massive amount of readers. Although creating video content on a regular basis is a challenging task, but the benefits easily outweighs the efforts and investment in creating powerful and entertaining videos.

It's not necessary that you include yourself in every video created by you. Not everyone has the necessary skill to speak confidently on a video shoot. A simple solution to the problem is to use your voice over for informative tutorials containing a mix of illustrations and video streams. This is one of the common methodologies used by lot of bloggers to create highly entertaining and useful videos for their audience.


Quite similar to video content, audience simply loves to consume useful podcasts. It is not only much easy to grab audio content, but it also gives you an excellent way to directly engage and connect with your audience. Once your podcast starts getting positive reviews from the subscribers, there's no looking back.

If you'll ask me about some of the best podcasts that may help your business blog grow rapidly, I'll recommend this one published by Derek Halpern. It's complete free and gives you some of best the techniques to grow your online business. If you're a good orator or have enough budget to hire one, do not hesitate to create your very own podcast series.


If you want to know about the most powerful and effective way to grow your online business, I'll instantly say - email marketing. And newsletters are an essential part of it. A killer newsletter can generate tons of sales for you provided it is done correctly. The most challenging part is building your mailing list. Newsletter creation involves rinse and repeat cycle to give the very best to your subscribers.

Whenever you’re launching a new blog, pay special attention on building your email list as well as in creating a useful newsletter, right from the day one. If it is done the right way, your conversion rate will be very high giving the highest possible returns. And last but not the least, if you're planning to create a newsletter for your audience, instead of relying on a free solution, go with the best premium service to get the best tools for creating an alluring newsletter series.


Business blogs often use this content marketing channel to promote their products and services. It's an excellent medium to exhibit the features and benefits of your products. But, indulging in excessive product reviewing can backfire. If you're coming up with a product review in every alternate post, it's only going to annoy your readers. Use it intelligently mixing it with a series of useful articles that are relevant to the product being reviewed.

Bloggers who extensively rely on affiliate marketing can also use this medium to generate sales. While writing reviews on your blog, you must explicitly disclose that you're writing the same for a specific product. eCommerce portals can utilize this medium to the fullest on their company blog to divert prospects towards the collection of best products they have on offer.


Who doesn't like to get featured in an interview and that too on a popular website in its domain. That's what good numbers of bloggers do to get more visibility and too establish themselves as an authority in their niche. When a blogger is relatively new, getting interviewed on good and relevant blogs is bit tough.

The same thing applies for the other side of the coin when you want to interview experts in your field. Normally, businesses use this medium when they have to promote a new product or service. Interviews give you an opportunity to present your views in a more personal and informal way to the targeted audience. It's also one of the best methods to boost your credibility. Once you start giving interviews, people get to know you better and they trust your products and services more than ever before.


We all know that - "Picture says a thousand words". That's what infographics is all about. It is now one of the widely used content marketing options for businesses and individuals. People love nicely designed infographics filled with useful statistics and data. They're successfully used both for traffic building as well as for gaining backlinks.

There are dozens of free and premium solutions to make a killer infographic. You don't need to be an expert graphic designer to create visually appealing infographic. What matter most is the data presented in the infographic. If your company generates interesting statistics on a regular basis, I'll strongly suggest you to share it with your audience in the form of an infographic on your company blog.


Probloggers and marketers often use this immensely effective content marketing tool to directly engage with their audience. The advantage of hosting a webinar is that it allows for two-way communication and you can address queries of audience almost instantly.

Although there are thousands of applications to host a webinar, but my favorite solution is Google Hangouts On Air. It's free and is extremely reliable including tight integration with your YouTube channel. Businesses often use it during product launch or during official workshops related to services or products. Since almost all webinar tools lets you record the entire streaming, you can later use it as part of your video content marketing strategy.

Slide Presentations

And last but not the least is the good old method of creating a collection of slides focused around a hot topic. You can either host the slide presentation directly on your blog or you can host it externally. Slides give you an easy way to distribute information through different types of multimedia content like text, graphics, animation or videos.

If you plan to use slide presentations as part of your content marketing strategy, make sure you create at least 10 slides in one collection for the best results. Focus on creating illustrative slides with clear prompts or speech bubbles. It's always advisable to choose trending topics for creating slide presentations.

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