Are You Working Towards Long-Term Blogging Success?

It's a universal fact that despite thousands of blogs popping up each day, very few taste success to the level where the owner not only earns but earns handsomely. This earning can be in terms of leads, sales, projects, contracts and last but not the least in the form of direct monetary income through different monetization techniques. In some cases, it can be defined in a totally different way and depends on the owner's perspective about how he defines success. Blogs aren't made for achieving overnight success. Though it is powerful medium to connect with people, getting returns from it takes time.

Long-term blogging success can be broadly defined as a consistent flow of the right kind of returns for a long period of time. In simple words, you generate business from your blog on a regular basis and that too month after month for a longer period of time. Creating such kind of blog takes lot of effort and time. Are you aiming for a similar kind of long-term blogging success? Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your blog transforms into a perpetual business generating machine?

Change Your Mindset

Lot of new blogs fail simply because despite having all the technical and non-technical skills, the blog owner's mindset is more diverted towards unrelated or illogical presumptions about blogging success. For example, lot of newbies plaster their infant blogs with tons of ads to make quick money. What's more interesting is this that they read about not doing it with a new blog and still they go against the advice given by the seasoned players. Why? Simply because of their mindset which is preoccupied with their own definitions of achieving blogging success. That's not going to help you my friend.

I've always said that the business or money you're going to generate from your blog is just the byproduct of a successful blog. So the key here is to focus on creating an immensely useful blog. Now what is a useful blog? Is it that gives you $1000 or $3000 per month? Nope, that's just a byproduct. A useful blog delivers easy-to-implement solutions for the target audience and that too in an easy-to-understand language. Here's what you need to do. Instead of focusing on placements of affiliate ads on your new blog, think about how you can make your target audience happy. What are their common problems and how you can provide exceptional solutions for all these problems?

The moment you start thinking like this, you've taken the first step towards creating a hugely popular blog. And when a blog tastes success, returns (byproduct) comes automatically through different channels. Change your mindset today and think what exactly you were doing till now!

Follow the Advice

Change of mindset should be supplemented with the right kind of actions needed to pump new life in your blog. Every new blogger follow two paths to acquire all the necessary blogging skills with passage of time. One path takes him to the archives of seasoned bloggers who share their experience and advice accordingly, and the second path involves self-exploration.

The former is generally is first method to gain preliminary skills and the latter one is followed as you gain more experience. Now the question is - Are you following the advice given by seasoned players? Spending time on archives of seasoned players is only worthy when you intend to follow whatever they're preaching. You can definitely optimize their methodologies, but going opposite to the basics is only going to put you in an infinite loop.

Stick to the basics to make a strong foundation for building more advanced and optimized methodologies on top of it. Generally it is observed that some advice is followed immediately, while select suggestions are overlooked. The latter tendency is closely connected with the mindset of the blogger. Your mind simply can't accept the advice you intend to overlook. The sooner you come out of this denial mode, the better it will be - both for your readers and of course for you.

Have Patience & Be Persistent

Even if you change your mindset and start following the advice given by experts, results won't come overnight or in a short span of time. You'll need lot of patience and zeal to persist month after month before you'll taste the initial success. Being persistent is not just about implementing the basics on a continuous basis, but it's also about developing new and better ways to get things done.

Create realistic and achievable short-term milestones that ultimately lead to your primary goal. Hustle your way towards reaching these milestones without giving up your patience or persistence. Let me be honest, a typical blog takes at least 2 years (leaving the exceptions) to establish itself as a popular and useful blog. This time frame can deviate slightly towards both ends, but the average time frame remains around two years. The question is - Are you patient enough to consistently deliver for such a long period? Yes, 24 months seems long when you're trying to build a profitable blog from scratch.

You should be aware of this situation and must prepare yourself both mentally and physically to be patient and persistent month after month without getting dejected or annoyed of your slow growth. Happy blogging!

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