How to Write Successful Product Reviews That Converts

One of the best methods for selling your affiliate products is to write amazing product reviews for obtaining high conversion rates. But, writing such kind of product reviews is an art and very few manage to write great review copies on a consistent basis. Apart from your writing skills, you also must know about human psychology related to online purchasing behavior. Combining the two, you can come up with a powerful and highly converting product review that can give you high returns for a long duration. Today, we're going to learn about the same and will brush our existing skills to churn out more fruitful review copies from our publishing desk.

Ensure Product's Relevance

Bald man with combNo matter how good is your review copy, conversions depend on its relevance when it comes to addressing problems of your target audience. Newbies often write paid reviews about products and services that have nothing to do with their blog's niche. This is like an attempt to sell combs to bald men. The best way to start selecting the right product for a review is to identify your readers' needs. This way you can shortlist the products and services which can solve their problems. What are some of the important things that must be kept in mind while selecting the products for reviews? How does it affect your review copy and what are the implications of reviewing irrelevant products on your blog? Here's what to look for while finalizing (assessing relevance) a product for a review.
  • Does it address one of the common problems of your readers?
  • Does the solution provided is feasible and easily implementable?
  • Does the product include easily understandable instructions?
Crosschecking the product against these questions ensure that it's completely matching with the interest of your core audience. Be very careful about what you promote or review. One wrong choice can shrink the community built around your blog. If you're choosing those products that makes your readers' life easy then you'll always find yourself at the winning end.

Lesson: Product's relevance is one of the core attributes of a successful review copy.

Share Your Own Experience (wherever possible)

Potential buyers always want real life examples and case studies about the product they intend to purchase. It's always a good feeling to embed slogans and marketing phrases while compiling a review. But, that only works in advertisements. A review is more like a personalized product recommendation, isn't it so? Having said that, one cannot expect or presume that you're personally using every single product you've ever reviewed. It's just not practically feasible.

If you're running a health or medicine blog, you cannot test and consume every single medicine you're going to review. In such cases, sharing personal experience is not possible. But, I strongly suggest you to prefer reviewing those products which you've used yourself. This adds credibility to your review and readers get to know about a real case study. For products, which are not used by you, you can interview an existing user and can publish his experience.

Lesson: Always prefer reviewing products you've tested yourself.

Include both Pros and Cons

Consumers have become smart nowadays and can easily differentiate between an honest review and a cleverly crafted marketing pitch. It's always tempting to write a positive review that only talks about merits of the product. This tactic works well for sales or squeeze pages made specifically for diverting leads to the product's website. But, when it comes to writing reviews, the balanced approach works best.

This becomes more essential when you're sharing your own experience instead of presenting someone else's case study. Divide pros and cons into two different sections so that readers can easily assess the merits and shortcomings in an unambiguous manner. This approach also makes your review more realistic and readers are more comfortable trusting about the qualities mentioned by you.

Lesson: Avoid writing a sugar-coated review copy. Leave that for a squeeze page.

Decide On Standalone or Comparative Analysis

Generally, product reviews can be divided into two broad categories. One good old method is to only talk about a product you're targeting throughout your review copy. The other method involves comparison of the product with its rival and then providing an in-depth analysis and feature comparison of both the products. Generally, it includes tabulated figures related to almost every aspect of the two products under scanner.

Now the question arises - Which approach is the best? It depends on several factors including what you're promoting, its existing marketplace, its audience and above all - the competition against it. If you opt for the latter approach, it may backfire if not done correctly. There's no secret formula to find out which approach is better for a specific product. I'd say you must experiment with multiple review copies written in different formats to see the results. You can take help of Google Content Experiments to find out what's working for you and what's not.

Lesson: Review format should be chosen after considering its negative implications.

Be Ready and Vigilant To Clear Potential Buyers Doubts

Once your review has been published, it's not the time to relax and wait for conversions. It's time to both analyze and interact. A good review copy can lead to explosion of emails or comments related to the product. That's where your vigilance matters the most. Failing to respond in time can dry up your conversions.

The response alone doesn't help. How you clarify the queries and how you prevent deviation from your original review decides the success of your entire effort. Make no mistake about it, the better your review is, the more you're going to be bombarded with queries. So better be prepared for it in advance so that you're not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questions raised by your readers.

Lesson: Excellent product reviews inherently invite equally good number of queries.

Miscellaneous Tips for Writing a Good Product Review

There are several small but important things that must be taken care of while writing a product review. Some are learned by experience, while others are so obvious that missing or ignoring them can cost you dearly. So let's see what else need to be done to strengthen our product review exercise.
  • Always disclose your affiliation while writing a product review.
  • Do not hard-sell. Yes, you may offer discounts or coupon codes, if any.
  • Always include your summarized verdict at the end of the review.
  • Always research about the purchasing power of your audience.
  • Try to include practical real life examples in your reviews.
  • Stand by your review and do not fall into being trolled.

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