How To Refine Your Content Creation Strategy

No blog can survive without regular supply of useful content on a consistent basis. Whether we create a content strategy or not, with passage of time almost each one of us develop and follow a de facto set of rules to create and publish content on our blogs. If you're following a predefined set of rules for content creation and still not getting the desired results, probably it's time to rethink and optimize your existing strategy. We're going to learn how a blog can increase its readership through a better and targeted content creation strategy. If you haven't yet created one, this is the right time to formulate and benefit from a concrete and result-oriented content generation strategies.

Analyze Your Competition

I'm assuming, you've already researched and have identified your target audience. But, you must check out your direct competition as well that’s already enjoying massive readership. No matter what you're blogging about, you'll always find big players already taking big share from the pie. This is followed by other bloggers right below them on the ladder. Your content strategy should focus on what the competition is offering to the audience and how you can stand out in the crowd.

The best tool to assist in researching about your competition is Google search engine. Use common queries used by your target audience. Instead of focusing on prime keywords, select long tail keywords to see who's offering what. For every topic, create an excel sheet and note down the content that comes up in the search results. This is a time consuming task, but it equips you with all the information needed in identifying the content that's currently read by your audience.

Define Scope of Your Content

This is an important consideration while formulating your content strategy. Almost every niche includes several primary topics which can be further exploded into subtopics. If you're blog is relatively new, start focusing on the primary topics. Once your blog is out of the infancy stage, you can start exploring subtopics too.

Prepare a list of primary topics you're going to include in your editorial calendar. This will help you focus on the right kind of ideas for creating new content. Defining this boundary is necessary so that you do not divert your attention on non-performing topics that are not entertained by your target audience. You must also ensure that all the primary topics included in your editorial calendar do have decent search volume on search engines. You can find that out easily through this tool.

Decide On Posting Frequency

This is one of the big debates within blogosphere. Your content strategy must also include how frequently you'll update your blog. Google just loves websites and blogs who regularly come up with fresh content. If you carefully observe publishing frequency of different blogs, you'll notice that they all differ in their posting schedules. Some blogs post multiple times a day, some publish once every week and others have longer posting frequency ranging from once a week to once a month.

My experience suggests that there's no ideal posting frequency. This doesn't mean that you should post at irregular intervals. Decide on the posting intervals and stick to it throughout the year. This frequency can be daily, weekly or monthly. What matters is your ability to stick with a posting schedule and delivering the content accordingly on a consistent basis.

Develop Your Own Unique Style

Content creation for blogs is an art. Good command over written English (or your preferred language) alone doesn't help you succeed online. Popular bloggers create and develop a unique pattern for crafting their each blog post. They follow their adopted style for each new piece of content and benefit from it. While developing your own unique style of crafting content you need to focus on two primary things.
  • Structure or anatomy of a blog post - That's the core you need to take care of while developing your unique style. It's all about how you arrange different important sections within a post in a correct way to make it more readable and interesting. It also includes your approach towards explaining complex things in a simple way. Sometimes bloggers use anecdotes to help their audience understand a difficult topic. In a nutshell, you must develop a unique way of explaining things and you should stick to that style for each new post.
  • Packaging of content - The next important thing is how well you make your posts visually appealing. Your custom blog design plays a big role in it. You must learn the art of spicing up your blog posts to make them more attractive through the use of illustrations, pull quotes, bullet lists and other visual elements.

Focus On Delivering Practical Solutions

That's the crux of a powerful content creation strategy. No matter what you're blogging about, your target audience is always expecting easily applicable and practical solutions to their problems. That should be kept in mind while building your editorial calendar. No matter how detailed your research is about everything discussed above, failing to understand the need of delivering solutions for your audience is going to ruin your blog.

After defining the scope of your content as discussed in one of the sections above, you must research about common questions or problems specific to each of the primary topics. That's the base for your content creation strategy helping you come up with the right kind of content that will be relished and shared by your readers.

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