6 Reasons Your Blog's Growth Is Stalled

It's a universal fact that very few professional blogs flourish and manage to accomplish their primary goals with passage of time. Majority of blogs popping up each day simply die a slow death within a year or so. There are several reasons why a blog may not come out of infancy despite putting all the efforts. Large numbers of blogs are started everyday in hope to make money out of it and that too in quick time. Unfortunately, majority of newbies fail to understand that niche or professional blogging is very much exhaustive and demands highest level of dedication. Interestingly good numbers of bloggers put their very best in every possible way and still fail to make their blog come out of infancy. What are some of the key factors that hinder a blog's growth? Well, here are the top 6 reasons why your blog may never achieve what you're expecting from it.

You're Trying to Achieve Perfection

It's always a good feeling to deliver a 100% perfect solution for our customers. But, that is only possible in theory. The sooner you understand this fact, the better it will be for your blog. Trying to achieve perfection in every blogging activity is a sure shot way to stall a blog's growth. I've gone through it in my early blogging career, but was fortunate enough to identify the problem in time.

Nobody is perfect and trying to achieve perfection is like following a mirage. If you're suffering from this problem, acknowledge it and work on getting rid from it. Once you're out of it, things get better and better as you start delivering without worrying about a perfect way to get things done. Make no mistake about it, obsession of perfection is one of the reasons large number of blogs never taste success.

You're Suffering from Analysis Paralysis

This problem is closely related to perfectionism. Analysis paralysis involves over thinking about a problem or a situation such that no concrete decision is taken to go ahead with the task at hand. This results in blockage of outcomes that directly affects your work.

If we correlate it with our blogging activities, checking statistics again and again, frequently revising publishing schedules, changing blog design again and again are some of the signs that clearly indicate you're suffering from analysis paralysis. Although it is always good to ponder upon all the alternatives, but excessive analysis clearly affects your ability to take a decision. Develop a habit of taking decisions in time whether it's about preparing a new editorial calendar or a decision to change your blog's theme.

You Consider Yourself - An Expert

The tendency to consider ourselves an expert is yet another way to strike nails on our blog's coffin. It hurts most when you fail in your blogging attempts. As I said earlier, since nobody can achieve perfection, failure is the part of every activity. Self-proclaimed blogging experts are rare but they do exist.

This behavior makes you rigid in your approach and keeps your blog inside a virtual cocoon. Coming out of an expert shell is not easy and demands complete change in your perception about yourself and about the people around you. You must understand this fact that your entire life is a learning process and even a small kid leaving a comment on your blog post can give you some good blogging lessons.

You Do Not Embrace New Technologies

People who fail to adapt with changing trends are left behind in the race. Computer and internet technology is changing at a rapid rate. This also includes change in blogging technologies. A decade back blogging started with static HTML pages and gradually shifted to blogging platforms like Blogger and LiveJournal.

Things changed completely after WordPress was introduced to the blogging world. There are thousands of bloggers who're still reluctant to switch to WordPress despite their ability to afford a basic self-hosted installation. These bloggers simply resist the change and pay the price by their inability to customize their blog as per their preferences.

Similarly, lots of bloggers fail to use new caching technologies that significantly improve page load times. This makes a big difference resulting in bad user experience that eventually contributes in stalling your blog's growth. In a nutshell, you must look out for useful new technologies that can help you take your blog to the next level.

You Underestimate Social Connections

Social media has emerged as a powerful medium to reach the masses. Bloggers have used it successfully to grow their subscribers' base as well as to pull massive amount traffic for their blogs. No matter how great content you're generating on a regular basis, it will not create the desired attention until you do not possess the necessary skills to seed it properly on various social media platforms.

This seeding methodology doesn't mean tweeting, pinning or liking your own content. It involves making strong connections with the power users on these social media networks and using their reach to get more eyeballs for your awesome content. The more you create strong bonds with active users on various social media services, the more you expand the reach of your blog.

You Hate Feedback & Suggestions

Learning is a lifelong process. Seasoned bloggers have a unique quality of listening to feedback and suggestions coming from the community. If you're completely ignoring the feedback given by your readers, you're missing the chance to optimize and improve your existing blogging routine.

Smart bloggers use this feedback to acknowledge the shortcomings and deficiencies. This leads to adoption of better and improved blogging methodologies that provides better experience to the readers. Instead of trashing your readers' email filled with suggestions, you must converse with them to not only get more positive feedback about your blogging strategies but also for developing a strong and loyal community of followers.

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