How To Land Your Dream Job Through Your Blog

Blogs have created new opportunities for professionals and freelancers to grab potential job openings of their choice. This excellent social media platform serves as an alternative to portfolio or resume giving credible proof of your expertise in a subject. As companies are looking to alternative mediums to hire new workforce, blogs are within the scope of their search for finding potential candidates. Here's how you can use your blog to get hired by the best in the industry.

Dream Job Through Blogging

Blog To Your Strength

Sounds obvious, but often ignored by newbies looking to find something easy to blog about. Employers look for individuals having good command on their subject having concrete examples of their work. A successful blog is the best platform to show that. The key to build an authority blog is choosing the right niche that shows your skills, knowledge and command on a subject in an effective way.

Share your best tips and case studies - Build an archive of quality posts consisting of irresistible tips and tutorials. A potential employer is bound to scan your blogs archive to assess the depth of your proficiency and competence and where you stand among your peers. Case studies are the most credible source of information that authoritatively demonstrates your knowledge.

Highlight your best work - Building an archive of quality content alone will not help until you don't provide a convenient way to reach it. Litter your sidebar with links to the best posts and revamp your archives page to keep your potential employer glued to the screen until he has not finished reading almost all of the best posts in your archive.

An ideal situation is when your potential employer is overwhelmed by the content published on your blog and you are in the driving seat negotiating the terms and conditions.

Announce Your Availability/Services

Sometimes, people don't approach you due to lack of information about your willingness to take a job. This ambiguity can lead to missed opportunities that may be knocking at your door without any effort from your end. The solution is quite simple. Read on...

Create a dedicated portfolio/services page - A blogger owning an authority blog leverages its credibility by offering expert advice and services. This not only opens the door for indirect income but also clearly defines your SKILL SET. Create a separate page tabulating all the services offered by you including your willingness to join a full-time opening. I would advice you to resist declaring rates for each of your services. Offer free quotes to potential clients to help negotiate the best deal. In case, a potential employer decides to hire you, you can exercise greater control while quoting the expected compensation.

Get Recommendations From Clients/Peers

Leveraging existing client base - The best way to exhibit your skills is getting testimonials from your clients. Never miss a chance to get one from your existing satisfied customers and prominently highlight them on your services page. You can even create a dedicated testimonials page, in case you are fortunate enough to get dozens of them.

Get push from peers - Almost always you'll be asked for credentials before getting confirmed. Your peers are the best candidates for providing positive feedback about you. Generously link to your peer's quality content and build a strong relationship for mutual benefit. Make sure to once ask your fellow blogger before giving his name in credentials list.

Scan Blogger Job Boards

Blogger Job Boards

Nowadays, you can find several job boards for bloggers with countless opportunities in different domains. ProBlogger Job Board, CrunchBoard Job Board and GigaOm Jobs are some of the popular job boards for professionals who blog. All of these job boards are associated with famous blogs and offer vast array of openings from different fields for almost every skilled and semi-skilled professional.

Some of the these boards maintain both employers and job seekers database and provide registration facilities, while others offer RSS feed for prompt notifications of new job postings.

Network, Network And Network

And last but not the least is the human chain (online/offline) that is developed through your blog. As your blog grows, so does the community around it. Sometimes, your follower or fan can unknowingly introduce you to a potential employer with all the positive feedback. Create profiles on Business Exchange and LinkedIn including details about your blog with a link to a custom landing page. Be active on social media sites and connect with as many people as you can. Creating a large network increases the probability of getting the right kind of opportunity you are looking for.

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