Why Your Business Web Site Needs A Blog?

Nowadays more and more companies are integrating blogs with their official web sites. The advantages are well understood and acclaimed by large portion of business community. About a decade back, when blogging was just starting to come out from infancy, companies used to practice traditional methods to update and bring traffic to their web sites. Since blogging has gone mainstream, no company serious about having good presence on web can think about their web site without a blog. Let's see what are the benefits and advantages of integrating a blog to a corporate web site.

Why A Web Site Needs A Blog

Search Engine Benefits

One of the best ways to elevate your rankings in SERP's is to integrate a blog with a web site. Almost all blogging CMS's are inherently search-engine friendly. A blog is updated more frequently than a traditional web site giving a reason to search engine bots to pay a visit and gobble up fresh new content. The SEO-friendly features of blogging CMS and regular generation of fresh content not only makes your tail long in index but also helps you in achieving better rankings through clever contextual linking across your blog and web site. External sources referring your blog content will increase the overall link strength of your domain giving you the required boost in search engine rankings.

Targeted Traffic

Since you write specifically for your business and related products and services, you are bound to receive targeted traffic from organic sources where people are looking for exactly the same information that you are ready to provide. This helps increase your conversion rate by diverting your traffic to the main web site on custom designed landing pages through smart linking within popular posts. Another common methodology is to display custom designed banner ads about your services on the blog that helps in indirectly diverting potential customers to the main web site.

Direct Engagement With Customers

Blogs are not just about posting content which readers read and go away. It's a two way communication medium where conversations takes place and a community builds up around the blog. Comments help you directly connect with your customers and help clear their doubts and questions. This direct engagement gives you vital data about the perceptions prevalent in the minds of your customers who regularly comment and opine about various topics related to your services. Sometimes, a constructive discussion via this medium can give you some very important piece of information that can be strategically used to counter your rivals and in reviving your business.

Exhibits Expertise In Your Niche

Blog gives you the chance to establish yourself as an authority and market leader in your domain. With a team of experienced writers assisted by technical experts, you can create regular stream of killer content that will shape your brand as the most trusted source of reliable information about your domain. Remember, blogs have the ability to build as well as ruin reputations. Always hire a professional blogger to run your company blog to leverage this excellent medium to its full potential.

Multiple Feeds For Audience

Feed syndication provides excellent opportunity to disseminate your content right in the in-boxes of your customers. Almost every business blog sets up multiple feeds (news alerts, new products reviews, regular articles) for different segments of customers to meet their information needs and at the same time keeping unwanted stuff out of their mails. It's the most effective way to reach out to maximum prospects in the most effective and easy manner.

Helps Build Community of Fans

Hugely popular blogs manage to get hundreds of thousands of feed subscribers that automatically help in spreading the word about your services and products. Through various subscription options you can build a large supportive community that helps in building confidence of potential customers who visits your blog for the first time. Whenever you will launch any new product or service, all your subscribers will immediately receive the news via their subscriptions and it may spread like wild fire through various social media channels used by your regular readers.

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