Make Money Blogging: Myths And Realities

Since professional blogging has picked up pace in last few years, we can witness thousands of weblogs sprouting almost every day with an aim to make money blogging. Large number of them die prematurely while others struggle to make a decent earnings from their blogs. Very small percentage of these blogs are able to generate good money consistently. Let's see what are the myths and realities associated with making money from blogging.

Make Money Blogging: Myths & Realities

Myth #1: Making money blogging is very easy.

Wake up buddy! It requires considerable effort to start making decent money from blogging. If you will read biography of some famous bloggers who are making good money from blogging, you will notice something common in them. All of them blogged consistently and remained focused over these years to achieve what they are today.

Myth #2: It requires lot of money to start making money blogging.

Not at all. There are several free blog hosting services that can help you launch a new blog in no time. If you are going for a custom domain, you just require $10 to start a blog. It's not the money but your time and effort that is needed more to create a successful blog.

Myth #3: A niche with low or almost no competition cannot generate money.

This is not always true and depends on several variable factors. A niche with no competition can be a boon for you to tap the untouched market. Capturing this closed set of audience will be much easier for you without facing any tough competition from non-existent seasoned players.

Myth #4: Unless my content does not rule the front page of SERP's, I cannot make money blogging.

I know, I know you have heard 100 times from SEO gurus to rule the SERP results to get some business. But here all we need is a long tail, a massive archive of quality content. The more big is your archive, the more traffic you get. Forget about rankings and focus on creating large archive of good content.

Myth #5: Mr. Smart's $19.99 eBook about 'Make Money Blogging' will give me secrets to get rich overnight.

This eBook will only make one person rich overnight - Mr Smart himself. Do I need to say anything else?

Myth #6: Only self-hosted Wordpress blogs can earn money.

I've heard this many times from readers and some of my peers. Let me give you some examples of successful blogs hosted on blogger platform. Antonio Lupetti's Woork and Amanda Fazani's BloggerBuster are hosted on blogger and generate decent income through direct and indirect methods.

Myth #7: I need to be an expert, if I want to make money blogging.

Every successful blogger started from scratch. It's a learning curve where you refine your skills with passage of time. Some climb the ladder quickly, while others may take some time. Nobody is perfect and if you are deferring your blogging plan in fear of imperfection, then you are doing a big mistake.

Myth #8: Advertising is the only way to make money blogging.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions among large number of newbies. Advertising is just one of the direct methods of generating money from your blog. The indirect methods can comparatively earn you much more money and that too much quickly. Selling your own products and services are two of the most popular indirect methods of generating income from your blog. For example, if you own a food blog, you may launch your own cooking eBook or your own courses about learning various cuisines.

Myth #9: I only need to work 1 hour/week to make money blogging.

Nothing comes without hard work. If you are serious about taking blogging as a profession, you must devote at least 2 to 3 hours daily on your blogging activities. There are several scam programs on Internet claiming to make you millionaire by blogging just 1 hour/week. It's all junk and you must keep yourself away from all these scams.

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