10 Reasons Why I Will Not Visit or Subscribe To Your Blog

Despite posting consistently and doing your best to promote the blog, are you experiencing stagnant subscriber count with no growth in traffic? Are you worried about your low conversion rate? Well, here are some of the reasons that may repel the visitors leading to almost nil conversions.

Why I won't subscribe to your blog feed

Low Quality Content - It is one of the primary reasons why people won't pay a second visit to your blog. What's your primary goal? Just to get tons of traffic? Or to retain good percentage of visitors (high conversions) from whatever traffic you receive? It's not the volume of traffic but your conversion rate that decides how fast your blog will expand its reach. And the primary ingredient for high conversions is quality content. Give me some real stuff and I'll be more than happy to be a regular visitor.

Awful Sidebar - Once a reader finishes the article, he looks at the sidebar for more information. I've seen many sidebars littered with large number of fancy widgets to attract the visitors. Please remove those useless (countless) widgets and give me something useful (best content, latest posts, how-to's, tutorials) to click on.

Partial Feed - There's a lot of debate on providing partial RSS feed or full feed to blog subscribers. If we concentrate the juice of these debates, full feed option comes out as the clear winner. Partial feed is of the biggest reason why people may not consider subscribing. Majority of readers prefer full feed in their inbox. If you are distributing partial feed, I won't subscribe at all.

No Response - People come to your blog to gain some information. In the process, they share their views and ask questions. Unless you are not getting tons of comments, you must reply every single one of them. If it's one-sided conversation, your repeating visitors will dry up quickly.

Sluggish Navigation - Who doesn't love web sites and blogs with fast download time? In social media era, the traffic is very sensitive towards slow web sites. They're impatient and want quick access to information. Keep your blog code optimized for lowest possible download time. I won't stay on your blog if it makes me wait more than 15-20 seconds.

Poor Theme - Sometimes great content remain unnoticed due to extremely poor choice of theme. If you aren't a techie, hire a person to design a custom theme for you or DIY (do-it-yourself). A custom theme gives a unique voice to your blog and aids in attracting the first time visitors.

Ads, Ads and More Ads - I know you want to make money blogging, but where is the content? I can only see ads stuffed in almost every corner of your theme. Too much aggressive monetization will drive away all your visitors including me.

Too Much Self-Promotion - It's good to share your knowledge and expertise, but sometimes you may fall into trap of inadvertently over-selling yourself. The most successful bloggers are the most humble and down-to-earth people. Follow their footsteps and you will see more engagement of your readers.

Pop-Ups - Yet another annoying feature that prevents visitors to come to your blog. It's like twisting my wrist and asking me to subscribe. If your content is great, they'll subscribe automatically. Get rid of that pop-up and check your statistics after few weeks.

No Link-Outs - Yes, yes, I want links to some great resources whenever you pick any such topic, which has the scope of highlighting the best work on other blogs. Be generous and please do link to some extra-ordinary stuff of other bloggers. Trust me you won't lose me. In fact, I will be grateful to you for sharing relevant quality content with me.

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