How To Write Blog Posts Fast

Time is money, especially if you own several flourishing businesses (including your weblog). The more you multi-task, lesser the time you get for each one of them. Every blog demands constant supply of quality content to keep both readers and search engines happy. Developing fast writing skills can remove much of the burden of keeping your blog alive. Here are some basic techniques to develop fast writing skills.

How To Write Fast

Skim An Idea

Ideas can pop up any time. Whether you are watching a movie, taking bath, cooking or strolling in a nearby park. As soon as you pick up any idea, note it in your organizer, PDA or pocket book. Later on, you can transfer this idea to your blog post editor in the form of a draft.

Collect Data

Work on this idea by collecting facts and figures from various sources. Scan relevant sites, discuss with peers and use social media to gather more facts (create a mini poll). You can also use various Wiki's for collecting additional details about the topic.

Create Post Skeleton

Once you have the required data, divide them into main points/sub-headings. This will ensure a smooth flow while writing the blog entry. I have written an article about basic anatomy of a blog post that may help you in creating a post skeleton. Hold on, this is not the time to start a writing session.

Remove Distractions

Just before you start to write, switch off your mobile, logout from email, IM's or any social media account. Preferably, switch to an editor like WriteMonkey. I regularly use this editor to write fast without any distraction. If you prefer to write directly in your blog's CMS post editor and your web browser is Firefox, install thesaurus and dictionary plugin to aid in filling gaps and enriching the post with more professional language.

Write Like A Rabbit

Finally, you have all the building blocks in your hands. Start writing and do not stop until you are finished. Forget about spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, links, illustrations or the credits. Just keep writing till you have nothing more to say about it. If the article is not very long, this whole session will not last more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Polish It

Now it's time to correct and improve the post. Go through your article once again and correct all the spelling mistakes. Nowadays, almost every web browser supports spell-check plugins or native support to identify such mistakes and to provide alternative suggestions. Fill in all the gaps and if you feel the need, stuff additional text at selective places. Now quickly dump your article in a standard word processor and once again run a spell check.

Press The Publish Button

Just before publishing the post, apply this useful technique that has helped me in picking those mistakes that I may have missed in earlier stages. I always first publish the polished article on my test blog and read it aloud. This helps me in identifying several mistakes that I am not able to catch earlier. This is the right time to add illustrations, contextual links and credits, if any. Once satisfied, transfer the post to your main blog editor and hit the publish button.

Done. Total time 25-30 minutes.

Have Your Say

What's your approach to write quick blog entries? Do you use any external text editor or prefer your blog CMS post editor?

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