How To Be A More Productive Blogger

With the increase of your blog's reach and popularity, the pressure to deliver more is inevitable. Sometimes, novice bloggers struggle to cope up with this pressure wasting much of their time in other less useful tasks. This can lead to distrust and annoyance among your readers. How to avoid such situation and be more productive? How to live up to the expectations of your growing audience? Let's see, how we can be a more productive blogger by introducing some esssential changes in our daily blogging schedule and in our lifestyle.

More Productive Blogging

Remove All Distractions

As a blogger, your first priority should be to churn out regular quality content for your readers. And for that, you need focus and attention. While writing your posts, close all IM clients, your email inbox and other social media desktop clients like twhirl or tweetdeck. An ideal situation would be to take your laptop in your garden (disconnect from Internet) and write continuously till you are exhausted. This way, you will be able to generate more content in less time with almost no distractions.

Create A Strict Schedule

Creating a timetable and following it are two different things. Almost all of us have created timetables in the past, but how much we stick to it? The key to increase the productivity is following the schedule religiously. Divide the time slices for each of the daily task related to your blogging schedule according to their priority/importance. Allocate time for writing posts, social media marketing, checking/answering mails, reading feeds, interaction with peers, blog maintenance, comment moderation and similar stuff.

Keep Ideas Pocket Book Handy

This is one of the best methods used by large number of bloggers to keep their dashboard full of drafts. Keep a small pocket book and whenever something strikes your mind that can be used for your next blog post, immediately scribble it on your pocket book. And later on, whenever you open your dashboard, create drafts one-by-one and copy those ideas in each one of them and save all the drafts. Try this method and soon you will see your dashboard having dozens or even hundreds or empty (idea ~ heading/title), semi-prepared and complete drafts. I'm using this method and at the time of this writing I have 41 semi-prepared drafts in my dashboard. Have you ever tried this methodology to generate ideas for new blog posts?

Read, Read And Read

Piling up drafts alone will not help in producing more content. Again, picking up an idea and building your post upon that idea are two different things. You can only turn those drafts into good posts when you will have the required knowledge and information related to your niche. Read as much material as you can and keep yourself updated with current happenings in your domain. This will fill your cranium with the required raw material needed to craft countless quality posts.

Automate Tasks

Automating common tasks of your daily blogging routine can save huge amount of time that can be spent on more high priority tasks. Use GMail's canned response feature to give quick answers to some common types of mails received by readers, peers, advertisers or any general/common type of query. Use the combination of filters and multiple-inboxes feature of GMail to delete unwanted mails and to divide incoming mails according to their type and priority. You can also disable comment moderation if you are experiencing fairly good commenting audience.

Be Innovative

Try something new and unique to get more out of your blogging efforts. Do not hesitate to experiment new things. For example, you can try publishing quick short entries at fixed time intervals instead of posting one long, comprehensive, in-depth article on a given day. Analyze the response of your readers and take it further if you receive favorable response from them. You can mix this pattern every alternate day to give a new reading experience to your readers.

Take A Break

Sometimes, working continuously day after day without taking any break may exhaust you completely. This may lead to low output with more stress on your mind. Once a week preferably on Sunday, take a complete break from your blogging schedule and spend time with your family and pals. Next day you will return with a completely rejuvenated mind filled with fresh ideas with same fire in your belly to deliver more and more for your readers.

Over To You

If you think you are delivering short of your capabilities, what other efforts you will do to get maximum output with minimum efforts and be a more productive blogger.

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