Blogger Now Supports Importing And Exporting of Blogs

Google has added a long awaited blog importing and exporting feature to blogger platform. Bloggers have been requesting this feature for long time and Google has finally rolled out this very useful feature.

Blogger Import/Export Feature

Now with a click of a button you can easily export and import your blogspot blog.

Exporting A Blogspot Blog

For exporting a blogger blog, go to 'Settings -> Basic (subtab)' and click 'Export blog' link.

Exporting a blogger blog

Your blog will be exported in xml format including template code, posts and comments. Exporting a blog does not delete or alter your blog in anyway, unless you choose to delete it.

Importing A Blogspot Blog

For importing a blogger blog, go to 'Settings -> Basic (subtab)' and click 'Import blog' link.

Importing a blogger blog

Simply, choose the previously exported blog's xml file to initiate the import process. Blogger has also added an option of auto-publishing all imported posts, if you check the 'Automatically publish all imported posts' check box.

Now transferring a blogspot blog is a matter of minutes with just a few clicks of buttons.

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