Blog Marketing And YouTube: An Introduction

Bloggers develop new ways to promote and market their blog. The traditional methods work quite well, but demands time and patience. Some bloggers use some new highly effective methods for blog promotion. Promo videos on YouTube is one of the best ways to get vast exposure in quick time. Let us see how to use this effective technique to get huge exposure for our blog.

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How To Start?

Before you start to create videos for blog promotion, you must keep in mind that it's kind of viral marketing strategy and has pros and cons. A poor quality video can backfire, by ruining your blog's hard earned reputation. For creating a video you will need a good quality recording camera with at least 2 Mega pixels resolution, Camtasia Studio Version 4.x+ and lots and lots of creativity. If you are creating some tutorial on PC, then just Camtasia Studio will do the work.

Creating A Guru Account

There are two types of accounts available on YouTube. One is basic, and the other one is Guru Account, with added features and capabilities. Guru account is ideal for bloggers who are looking for some serious blog marketing features. After signing up for Guru Account, create a channel with targeted keywords and tags. Channel are kind of relay stream that arrange and present your posted videos in orderly manner. You can completely customize the look and feel of your channel and brand it with adding your own logos.

Creating Videos For YouTube

Creating videos for YouTube requires some knowledge of Camtasia settings. If you create with default settings, the video won't be compatible with YouTube requirements. Creating a basic video is not hard at all, but if you want to create some stunning professional marketing videos, you need to have some good understanding of Camtasia Video creation options and settings. Following is an excellent video about Video Creation through Camtasia.

How To Create YouTube Videos From Camtasia Studio

Remember, your goal is to give something unique to your audience. An ideal blog promotion video will be a good tutorial about some blogging tool or technique, or your own video elaborating some important tips and tricks related to your niche.

Blog promotion on YouTube can bring tons of visitors to your blog, and have the power of building your authority in your niche. One good video can elevate the popularity of your blog to beyond your imagination.

What other unconventional blog promotion techniques do you use? Is video promotion among one of them?

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