How To Comment On Blogs: An Introduction

One of the primary sources of getting back links to your blog is commenting on other blogs. There is a big difference between a back link and a quality back link. New bloggers often restrain themselves from commenting on popular blogs. A large number of bloggers do not know the correct way of commenting on other blogs. What is the purpose behind commenting? Is it just to acquire a back link or much more then that? Let's try to understand and find out the correct way of commenting, that not only give us quality back link but also helps in building our e-brand.

We will start by a sample comment.

Nice post, I like it!


What will you call this commentator? I am sure most of my fellow bloggers will identify this as spam. The main motive to leave such type of comment is to get a back link. Today search engines are smart enough to detect these spam comments, and their weightage is not counted when calculating the PR of any page.

Purpose of commenting?

  • Building your brand
  • Networking
  • Giving your views on a topic
  • Getting a back link

As you can see, getting a back link is way down in the list. With powerful commenting you can make your online presence felt among bloggers and can build your reputation.

Building your brand

To make your e-brand, you have to influence your readers by showing them your authority on a particular niche. Commenting is a powerful medium to show that. Top bloggers use this technique by getting involved in constructive and informative commenting. Glen Allsopp has discussed about building an e-brand, and he has included commenting as one of the ways to do it.


Commenting can earn you good friends and can help you build strong network of fellow bloggers. It helps in spreading your word and getting valuable resources and advice from these friends, which helps you in becoming a better blogger.

Giving your views on a topic

One of the obvious reasons to comment on other blogs is to say your word on the post topic. Your views can be a critical acclamation or a gesture of agreement. Speaking with open mind while commenting attracts reader's attention and they want to know more about you.

Getting a back link

Comments helps you gather back links for your blog. The SEO aspect of commenting cannot be ignored, as it is one of easiest way to get links. Do not pile up your comments on few chosen blogs. Try to comment on new fresh blogs and spread your links across the web.

How to comment?

  • Choose relevant content
  • Give meaningful comment
  • Follow up and engage in discussion
  • Don't be rude

Choose relevant content

Commenting on blogs not related to your niche is not a wise decision. A link back from relevant content has more value, than a comment on irrelevant content that is not associated to the content to which you are linking back. Sometimes, novice bloggers do not keep this in mind and comment on blogs that do not match the content, to which they are linking back.

Give meaningful comment

It is the most important thing to keep in mind while commenting. Just a "Hello" and intro about you is not the good way of leaving comment. Read the post thoroughly and give your views about the topic of the post. At times, there can be agreement or dis-agreement on the issue, but speaking your mind while commenting attracts the attention of author as well as of the readers.

Follow up and engage in discussion

Whenever you comment on some popular blog, make sure you follow up the comments and engage yourself in the comment trail, by actively participating in the discussion. This helps in authority building as it shows your views and knowledge about a niche.

Don't be rude

Never use any word that may queue up your comment for review or end up in trash bin. Maintain a tone of decency even if you do not agree with the author. Sometimes people use obscene language to draw attention of people. You may get banned from commenting on popular blogs if you use rude language, and it is a big loss.


Commenting is an essential part of blogging. It not only helps in off-page SEO, but also helps in building relationships with fellow bloggers. A good commentator can build strong network of friends, which proves to be very fruitful in the long run.

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