A Definitive List of 12+ Web Site Trackers

Tracking your blog traffic is an essential part of your blog tweaking and optimization process. It not only gives you the statistics about the volume of traffic on your blog, but other details as well, like demographics, behavior pattern of the visitors. This vital data helps in optimizing the blog components and make it much better experience for the visitors. There are many site trackers available on web, giving tons of features to their subscribers. While some are free, others provide premium features on monthly subscription fee. Let us see the most popular site trackers available at our disposal to track our blog statistics.

1) Google Analytics :Unarguably, the most popular and favorite among millions of web site owners. It is completely free and provides tons of features.

2) SiteMeter : I personally use this service for my blog. It is free and provide detailed information about last 100 visitors. You can track unlimited pages per day from your free account. In paid version, you get the detailed information of last 4,000 visitors.

3) StatCounter : Free site tracker with option of invisible trackers. It provides tracking of up to 2,50,000 page views/month with good deal of stats of each visitor. Definitely worth a try.

4) OneStatFree : Another free web traffic tracker service. It provides unlimited web page tracking, with detailed statistics about visitors. It offers password protected trackers for greater security.

5) ShinyStat : The free version of this service offers tracking of 1,000 web page views/day. Detailed stats are provided with configurable trackers. Ideal for small and medium traffic blogs.

6) W3Counter : This is one of the best free site tracking services available. Unlimited page tracking with advanced statistics. The 'site overlay' feature provides excellent traffic patterns internal to your blog.

7) AddFreeStats : Extremely useful to track your Adsense clicks. It provides the feature of reporting Exit/Adsense clicks for a web page. Provides detailed reports about each visitor.

8) SiteTracker : Another service with free option to track site traffic. The free version lacks details about individual visitors. It provides 50,000 page views/month tracking in free account.

9) WebStat : Excellent free site tracker service providing 20,000 page views/month tracking for free accounts. It provides 10 types of advanced reports to analyze your site traffic.

10) StatsSheet : This is another excellent web site tracking service totally free of cost. Visible as well as invisible counters are available. Tons of advanced reports and data is provided along with Adsense ads click reporting feature too.

11) WebCounter : It provides real time site tracking data with detailed reports. Ideal for low and medium traffic blogs. Several advanced configurable reports are available for filtering data as per your needs.

12) SiteTrafficStats : It provides excellent site tracking service for up to 10,000 page views/day. Reports are available in various formats and are highly configurable. A new user may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data it provides.

13) MegaStats :
Another site tracking service with free account offering tracking of 25,000 page views/month. Plenty of reports in various formats are available with automated delivery options. Ideal for medium traffic blogs.

Tracking your blog visitors behavior is very important, as it gives you the insight of readers demographic behavior pattern, and provide you that critical data to optimize and improve your blog.

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