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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Live Blogging

Speech bubbles sketchLive blogging can be compared with a live radio or television broadcast covering an event.

Both these communication mediums involve sound and visuals to portray the events' happenings while live blogging do the same thing in textual form.

Since this is a beginner's guide, I'm assuming you've not yet started live blogging and want to give it a try for the very first time.

Some people regard micro-blogging as a form of live blogging though I differ with their opinion. Live blogging is a prearranged blogging action that runs in parallel with the event being covered while micro-blogging is an informal and random way to communicate with the followers.

Let's get started and see what live blogging is all about and how to do it like a pro!

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Debunking 'Great Content Markets Itself' Myth

Foolscap and pen sketchIf you've just started blogging, chances are you may not agree with the post title. After all, a good product almost always attracts consumers.

Isn't it so?

Think once again! What's missing in your hypothesis in this context?

Here I'm addressing those web publishers who've just started blogging and have literally no or limited presence on the web. Even if you're churning out exceptional content right from day one, it won't pull audience on its own.

Couldn't digest this fact?

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Does Your Blog Need a Responsive Design?

Responsive layout illustrationLately, I've seen lot of websites and blogs migrating to a responsive design from their good old fixed width template.

Every time a blogger thinks about getting a responsive design, several questions are aroused in his mind related to design switch.

One of the most obvious and pressing question is whether one should migrate to a responsive design or not. This generally spawns several other tertiary queries about implications of the design change. Unless, one does not get satisfactory answers to these questions, switching to a responsive design is deferred.

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How to Survive and Flourish in a Crowded Niche

HourglassNiche blogging is one of the most popular online publishing mediums responsible for large chunk of content generation for the web.

I started my blogging career through a niche blog way back in 2008.

Contrary to the popular belief, popularity has nothing to do with the profitability of a niche.

In other words, several low competition niches can give you much better returns than a highly competitive niche. But, it is often seen that newbies often deliberately select a crowded niche in hoping to make big bucks through different monetization techniques.

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How to Build Community around Your Blog

Colorful cubiclesEvery new media channel survives through a community built around it. The more vibrant and lively is the community, the more it flourishes.

Blogs are no different and each one of them requires a thriving community to accelerate its growth. Community around a blog is just like a lubricant to keep your car engine in a good condition.

Have a blog with no community around it?

Start your community building efforts today as it is vital for taking your blog to the next level. It's a long term investment that helps your blog flourish and grow year after year.

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